Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I get a copy of a Common Pleas Court document?
    You can obtain copies by coming into the office of Clerk of Courts on the 3rd floor of the courthouse and paying the associated fee.  If  the document is available in an electronic format (scanned image) it can be e-mailed at no charge.  Please note that you must identify the requested document with sufficient clarity to allow this public office to identify and retrieve the requested document.

  2. What is the fee for copies of records?
    A certified copy is $1.00 per page of the document.  A regular copy is .25 per page for pages 1 through 49 and .10 per page thereafter.

  3. How can I pay my Court fees?
    You may pay by cash, certified check, money order or by credit card.  Online payments are also accepted.

  4. Do I need an attorney or can I represent myself?
    It is recommended that you have a lawyer to represent you; however you may represent yourself.  If you choose to represent yourself, you are expected to have knowledge of the necessary legal procedures required. This office cannot give legal advice.

  5. How do I contact Legal Aid?
    Legal Aid of Western Ohio has a toll-free phone number:
    888-534-1432.  They have an office located in Lima, Ohio.
    The Ohio Northern Legal Clinic may also be able to assist with legal counsel:
    419-227-0061.  They are also located in Lima, Ohio.

  6. How do I become a Notary Public?
    A packet is available in the Clerk of Courts office.  Once you have obtained the packet, reviewed the contents & completed the test, you will call the number identified in your packet to schedule a review of your test. After passing the test, you will need a check, payable to SOS/Notary Commission in the amount of $15.00.

  7. Where do I get my auto or watercraft title?
    The Hardin County Title Department is located at 1021 W. Lima St., Kenton, OH 43326.  Phone: 419-674-2279

  8. Where do I get a marriage license?
    Hardin County Probate Court, Phone: 419-674-2230

  9. Where do I file or locate a DD214 - Release from Military Service?
    Hardin County Recorder, Phone: 419-674-2250

  10. Where do I pay my traffic ticket?
    ardin County Municipal Court.  Phone: 419-674-4362

  11. Where do I get dog tags?
    Hardin County Auditor , Phone: 419-674-2239

  12. Where do I find deeds to real estate?
    Hardin County Recorder, Ph: 419-674-2250

  13. Where do I get a copy of a birth certificate?
    Hardin County Health Dept., 419-673-6230

  14. How do I file for a dissolution/divorce?
    See Local Rule 16 under local rules.
    If filing on your own, go to Supreme Court of Ohio for forms they have available.

  15. How do I get a Civil Protection Order?
    See Local Rule 29 under local rules.
    For documents go to:
    Supreme Court of Ohio - Domestic Violence
    Supreme Court of Ohio - Civil Stalking